If you suffer from back or neck pain, chiropractic realignment may help ease these symptoms as well as improve posture and mobility.

This practice works to support and correct the musculoskeletal system, designed to treat the body as a whole rather than looking only at a single symptom on its own.

It operates to work in flow with the nervous system which can be triggered manually through the gentle manipulation of the body’s joints

What Does a Chiropractor do?

Many people are aware of the hands-on approach of chiropractic, though it actually extends beyond just physical treatment. You’ll typically undergo a session which lasts anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes which will involve a combination of consultation regarding where you’re experiencing pain or stiffness as well as applying pressure on certain joints.

The aim of this is to adjust any joints that are stiff or locked up which in turn unblocks the trapped fluids in the targeted area. Following your session, you’ll also often have follow up exercises to complete between your sessions. You may also layer this treatment with both lifestyle and diet changes to facilitate longer term recovery as well.

Dr Kate Willesee helping care for a patient and their neck with chiropractor techniques

How does chiropractic work?

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Your chiropractor will apply a short, rapid and controlled amount of pressure to certain joints during your appointment. You may be seated or lying down depending on the area of the body being treated.

When pressure is applied, you’ll typically hear a sound as the pressure from the joint releases that tension. This sound from chiropractic treatment is caused by gas escaping from the fluids in the joint itself, allowing for greater mobility and pain relief.

You aren’t limited to only choosing conventional or alternative medicine when it comes to chiropractic treatment and it can be used alongside conventional medicine in a complementary way.

Many people try chiropractic after ruling out other issues that can cause things like back and neck pain and want to explore options that aren’t over the counter pain medications or muscle relaxants. A consultation with your doctor or a chiropractic practitioner can help you decide if and how treatment can help you.

Does Medicare cover chiropractic treatment?

For Australians with Medicare, many can get cover for your chiropractic appointments with five bulk billed appointments being available a year as a part of your cover. There are some conditions to this.

You’ll need a referral from your doctor and must have been previously diagnosed with a chronic condition. You’ll be able to access this through your doctor adding the treatment to your Chronic Disease Management plan or Team Care Arrangement. We recommend speaking to your doctor to find out if you’re eligible.

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