Willesee Healthcare was created to offer a holistic and body focused approach that caters to every individual’s unique needs.


Founded by Kate back in 2010, we bring together 32 years of experience that spans chiropractic, applied kinesiology, neuro emotional technique as well as nutritional advice and cranio sacral therapy.

Working with you at a core level utilising a range of these techniques, we aim to treat the source of your health concerns to get you feeling your best in both body and mind. Whether you’re suffering from prolonged stress, an acute or severe health condition or simply want to explore new options for your healthcare, we’re here to help. Our gentle yet thorough approach aims to help you and your body naturally rebalance and find your equilibrium.

Many of Kate’s clients have come to her seeking her holistic approach in treating hormonal conditions and imbalances as well as chronic fatigue. She seeks to help clients find their own internal balance through a blend of treatment techniques with a particularly strong focus on nutritional support.

“I love to be unique as a healer offering services that can aid the client achieve their health goals in a treatment of great quality. I am passionate about learning and always adding new techniques to my resume to further aid my ability to direct a client to relieving their symptoms. Helping a client feel healthier, more energetic and more mentally balanced.”

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When he’s not at Willesee Healthcare, Chris works at Symmetry Dental, an orthodontic clinic in Kingston Canberra. He utilises his knowledge and experience to support the orthodontists with diagnostic assessment and treatment of the skull and body.

“My passion is to identify the cause of illness or distress, rather than to be sidetracked by unrelated symptoms, which suggests we no longer have a problem, but now we have a project. This approach helps resolve many issues presenting for treatment.”

Willesee Healthcare is located at:
1/19 Broughton St
Kirribilli NSW 2061

Just 4.2 kilometres north-east of the Sydney central business district, we’re easily accessible and cater to the surrounding areas.

To book in for a consultation, contact us by phone or email, or book an appointment now.