Cranio Sacral imbalance

Cranio sacral therapy (CST) is a non-invasive, gentle and hands on technique that can help alleviate a number of complaints in the body.

It’s utilised by a number of practitioners including chiropractors, osteopaths, masseuses and physiotherapists. In contrast to more intense treatments like deep tissue massage, cranio sacral therapy uses light pressure to relieve tension and pain in the body. Typically, cranio focuses on the nervous and skeletal systems. It works with the body’s innate and natural ability to correct itself, giving it the opportunity to heal and realign.

While many people enjoy the benefits of cranio sacral therapy to treat ongoing conditions like recurring headaches and back and neck pain, there’s a myriad of other benefits. Cranio can be used to help correct dysregulated body functions like digestive issues including IBS and constipation. Many people also find it beneficial for recurring and chronic illnesses as well as injury recovery. It can also help with nervous system regulation to reduce stress and anxiety as well as regulating your sleep cycle to remedy insomnia.

Cranio sacral therapy is suitable for all ages, through from infancy to old age. Due to the gentle nature of the treatment, it can be adjusted to suit the needs of each and every individual.

What is craniosacral therapy good for?

Craniosacral therapy with Dr Kates hands placed under the patients neck and tension area

Cranio sacral therapy can be used to help restore normal bodily function, as well as to alleviate pain and inflammation that stems from chronic or persistent illness.
Many of our clients utilise cranio sacral therapy to alleviate both physical and mental ailments including:

  • Migraines and headaches as well as neck and back pain.
  • Digestive issues including constipation and IBS.
  • Blockages and infections including sinusitis, colic and ear infections.
  • Musculoskeletal conditions like scoliosis and recovery from traumatic injury.
  • Mood concerns like excessive stress or anxiety as well as regulating the body’s circadian rhythm to support better sleeping patterns.


If you have further questions or want to find out if craniosacral therapy is right for you, you can contact us for a consultation.

How does craniosacral therapy work?

Craniosacral therapy employs a light, hands on approach that works with the nervous system by manipulating the fluids and membranes in the body. It works with your body’s systems to target the areas that are blocked or functioning poorly by engaging and clearing meridians and relieving tension. In turn, by engaging the pressure points in the body that carry stress it can help those areas release to allow for better function.

What can I expect in my craniosacral appointment?

A woman getting craniosacral therapy on the back of their head

Unlike treatments like massage therapy or physio, cranio sacral therapy is undertaken while you’re fully dressed. Your CST practitioner will apply gentle pressure to points around your body depending on what you’re seeking treatment for. The most common areas include across the head and neck, spine and your lower back to target the sacrum. These areas are typically where many people carry the most tension.

Appointments can vary in length, depending on what you’re treating. After your initial consultation, you may be booked in for three to ten sessions as well as some maintenance in future. After treatment is done, many of our clients have a deep sense of relaxation.

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